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Here are some pics from the session. First the ride on grind using the lowest level of the kicker ramp and the grind box. The others show the highest level where you can do rock to fakies, kick turns and rock n rolls as long as the ramp is fixed using a rock or some edge. The kicker ramp has 4 adjustable levels.

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The cargo bike is carrying my diy grind box and the diy kicker ramp. It was a lot of fun to shred these. Maybe I'll post some pics of the session later.

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The Blender event of the year is back! 🎉
Get your Blender Conference 2022 tickets at #b3d #bcon22

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You probably heard of #OsmAnd, the swiss knife map app that uses #OpenStreetMap data, but do you know that there's a web-based interface, too?

Check out, and plan your trips with routing, and various map rendering options, while doing so in the comfort of your desktop browser.

It even includes weather forecasts, if you're trying to avoid getting wet for your weekend ride.

You don't even need to register for an #OsmAnd, or #OpenStreetMap account to use it.

Mein Lastenrad kann nun gemietet werden:

I've now build half pipe v2. As it's too hot to skate outside, I'll be skating that instead now.

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After my finished kicker ramp I could not resist to build a quarter pipe for the I just got. More to come soon.

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I just updated our Owncast instance to the latest version using Site.js and took the time to customise it a bit also.

And you can now follow updates about our streams from the fediverse – just use the follow button on the link below :)

#owncast #streaming #smallTech #smallWeb

Final step: building the adjustable top. Entire thing took around 11h including lots of try and error.

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Second step: building the base. Things turned out a bit more complicated, but we think it will work out.

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Wisst ihr, was ich an der Lesereise #Autokorrektur liebe?
Menschen, die nicht nur wissen, dass alle Lösungen längst da sind, sondern sie auch bewusst pushen.
Wie z. B. @rad3de in #Leipzig mit diesen fantastischen Rädern, die Teilhabe ermöglichen.
Danke @the_D1gger für die Orga!

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Woher bzw. wie bekommt ihr Freiberufler / Freelancer eure Aufträge?

Und vielleicht spezifischer: Woher bekommt ihr Programmierer eure Aufträge?

Ich habe mich mal bei zwei Plattformen registriert, aber dort scheinen zu 100% Personalvermittler zu operieren. Und das widerspricht ja eigentlich diesen Webseiten, denn auch die wollen und sollen ja schon vermitteln.

Boosts willkommen.

#fediHelp #freelance

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Ein lieber Freund möchte nen Neuanfang wagen und sucht ne #Wohnung in #Leipzig oder #Dresden. Ab 50 qm. Weiß da vielleicht jemand was?


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#Sachsen soll am 1.6. die 1000-Meter-Abstandsregel für Windkraftanlagen bekommen. Vieles spricht dafür, dass dies ein unverhältnismäßiges Verschieben von Klimaschutzmaßnahmen in die Zukunft und damit verfassungswidrig ist.

🧵Hier mein Aufruf und Thread:

I'm planning on building a transportable kicker ramp and would like it to be height adjustable in 2-3 fixed heights eventually. Does anyone have any ideas or maybe even links to something like that. Thanks allot and happy skating.

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