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@mastobikes Hat jemand Erfahrung mit Ortungssystemen für E-Lastenräder? Ich suche nach einem System, dass sowohl GPS als auch Mobilfunk für die Ortung nutzt und beim Thema Datenschutz seine Hausaufgaben gemacht hat. Ich finde Ortsdaten sind sehr sensibel und ich vertraue da nicht jedem Unternehmen.

@dansup Just wanted to ask, if you could point me to something here? Should I better file an issue on github?

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@dansup I've recently changed my pixelfeds top level domain from .de to .dev
I did the same with my mastodon instance and as stated in the docs, federation was broken. I've then unfollowed and refollowed all people on mastodon and everything was federating fine again. However on pixelfed after doing the same, I do not seem to get posts of people I follow in my timeline anymore. Is there eventually a "hack" I could use to make it work again?

If you’re a developer, you care about accessibility, and you’re looking for something to work on, consider helping out with Jitsi.

Reasons we can’t use it for EU events:

- No support for simultaneous translation
- No support for sign language interpretation
- Other #a11y issues

I'm planing on creating a workshop that describes why google is bad and must be avoided. It should be backed up by facts and numbers. So I'm asking for links to articles ect. If you have one, please share. Thank you a lot. @aral @digitalcourage @onepict @sl007 @theprivacyfoundation @dezentrale @switchingsoftware @laura @rufposten

Slowly getting there with my animated short "Child's Play"
Still have to do some real footage, sound and music

An alle (Unternehmen), die alte PCs/Laptops oder andere Hardware herumliegen haben: Spendet sie an Kontakt über die
@dezentrale in Leipzig und sie gehen an Bedürftige. Insbesondere Kinder, welche Sie aktuell für die Schule/Ausbildung brauchen.

@mastobikes Seit gestern Nacht habe ich dank krimineller Energien kein Lastenrad mehr. Anscheinend wurde es einfach weggetragen und dann per LKW oder Transporter wegefahren, denn Schlösser waren genug dran. Anruf im Lastenradladen hat ergeben, ich bin min. der dritte Diebstahl innerhalb von 10 Tagen.

@Gargron I'm hosting my mastodon instance on a cloud computer with 2 VCPU with 4 GB RAM and lately I'm getting full CPU usage randomly blocking the entire server until I restart it. It sometimes happens directly after tooting, sometimes in the background. It goes in pair with a shortly increased network and disk I/O usage. What could cause this?
Thanks for any advice.

This is a gorgeous time-lapse project showing off the city centre of Amsterdam.

Hallo liebe @dezentrale Habe gerade den Artikel über Eure Arbeit an "Hardware for Future" gelesen. Großartige Arbeit! Vielen Dank dafür. Ich hoffe euch bald mal persönlich in euren Räumlichkeiten kennen zu lernen und Ideen zu spinnen.

Blender, the most popular free open source 3D graphics and animation suite, has an official account on Mastodon:


There's also an official PeerTube account (which you can follow from Mastodon):


You can download the Blender suite itself at

#Blender #3d #CGI #Graphics #Animation #Video #FX #FLOSS #FOSS #Libre

HEY is still a great product and I can really recommend it, especially to those beeing stuck with GMAIL. (*shaking*)

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