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4. It has no calendar, so I can't add event invites to my calendar with a single click.

5. It has anti-tracking build in, which thunderbird has too, by blocking anything suspicious until you allow it. This includes images, but I'm fine with that trade off.

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2. I'm really in need for custom domains to be able to use it for business. I have multiple business adresses and also a private one I would like to migrate to HEY, but it's currently not possible.

3. It's not working offline. I can't read or draft messages when offline.

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So after 5 days of using I can say I'm truly impressed with it's simplicity and fresh approach to email.
However here are my reasons why I won't be using HEY in the near future:

1. It does not expose open protocolls, so I can't read and send hey mails using another app

Just registered @codeberg and moved two repositories there (one public and one private).
Public one went well with the migration tool, private one not as I have 2FA enabled. But just recreated it. Now let's see if I can get
A) something like gitlab-pages
B) something like gitlab CI
working within codeberg for these projects.
For now i like the clean look and the featureset. Very similar to gitlab/github. It also feels snappy and fast.

Really looking forward to this… and @aral has fixed up a fabulous setup for streaming video.

Hey! Live: Using the web for social good with Laura Kalbag. 2nd July 2020:

So Trump’s people have started firing people at Open Technology Fund (OTF).

How’d I hear about it? Because Greenhost (an EU-based web host), funded by OTF, provides free hosting for Small Technology Foundation and now that’s at risk.

More details in this news article:

Sign the petition:

Posts about your children matter. Remember that if you post it, the likelihood of someone finding it, even far in the future, is likely.

Making a conscious effort to treat their online identity with respect is a great way to ensure what YOU post does not come back to haunt them.

Are you upset by what #Facebook, #Google & the like divulge to others without your approval?

Don’t be a Google. Don’t be a Facebook. Be the most private you possible when it comes to your kids.

#privacy #family

@dezentrale Vor einiger Zeit kam mir die Idee für einen Workshop, bei dem Interessierte nach Alternativen für proprietäre digitale Produkte/Software fragen können und wir gemeinsam versuchen welche für sie zu finden und während des Workshops einzurichten. Was haltet ihr davon? Ich würde das auch erstmal nur per mit 2 bis 3 Leuten testen wollen und später dann evtl. in Räumlichkeiten. Vlt. auch eine Microsite dafür einrichten. Kontakt gerne per DM. 🙂

#PhotosOfMyLife Day 4/7
A photo every day. For a week. Every day an invitation to join in. I was invited by
#PhotosOfMyLife Day 3/7
A photo every day. For a week. Every day an invitation to join in. I was invited by

Day 2/7
A photo every day. For a week. No people, no explanations. Every day an invitation to join in. I was invited by
and I invite to participate @aral

I'm currently working on my new website. This is the "living" background that will show up when you visit but in realtime.

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