@dansup I've recently changed my pixelfeds top level domain from .de to .dev
I did the same with my mastodon instance and as stated in the docs, federation was broken. I've then unfollowed and refollowed all people on mastodon and everything was federating fine again. However on pixelfed after doing the same, I do not seem to get posts of people I follow in my timeline anymore. Is there eventually a "hack" I could use to make it work again?

If you’re a developer, you care about accessibility, and you’re looking for something to work on, consider helping out with Jitsi.

Reasons we can’t use it for EU events:

- No support for simultaneous translation
- No support for sign language interpretation
- Other #a11y issues


@daniel01 Ubuntu has pretty good NVidia Support using proprietary drivers. the 970 should be supported just fine as it is fairly old. Just don't use debian on a laptop with an NVidia and expect working drivers. Desktop NVidia cards are much better supported on Linux then the mobile cards. The most important part is the number of CUDA cors and VRAM (for EVEE). Anything else is not as important.

@Bratmaxe78 @mastobikes In Chemnitz werden jetzt Radwege angegangen, deren Beschluss in den 90ern gefasst wurde. Es ist zum 😪

I'm planing on creating a workshop that describes why google is bad and must be avoided. It should be backed up by facts and numbers. So I'm asking for links to articles ect. If you have one, please share. Thank you a lot. @aral @digitalcourage @onepict @sl007 @theprivacyfoundation @dezentrale @switchingsoftware @laura @rufposten

Slowly getting there with my animated short "Child's Play"
Still have to do some real footage, sound and music


An alle (Unternehmen), die alte PCs/Laptops oder andere Hardware herumliegen haben: Spendet sie an hardwareforfuture.de Kontakt über die
@dezentrale in Leipzig und sie gehen an Bedürftige. Insbesondere Kinder, welche Sie aktuell für die Schule/Ausbildung brauchen.

@aral Enjoy and keep up the good work you do together with @laura I hope to kickoff some privacy workshop myself soon.

@hollma Ja, zum Glück. Bzw. hätte ich es nie unversichert dort stehen lassen.

@mastobikes Seit gestern Nacht habe ich dank krimineller Energien kein Lastenrad mehr. Anscheinend wurde es einfach weggetragen und dann per LKW oder Transporter wegefahren, denn Schlösser waren genug dran. Anruf im Lastenradladen hat ergeben, ich bin min. der dritte Diebstahl innerhalb von 10 Tagen.

@daniel01 I currently do well with a powerfull laptop (i7 4 core + 1050) work work and a less powerfull desktop just for rendering. Having a dedicated rendering pc even if it's slower already helps a lot. Currently I'm looking into buying an AMD ryzen 5 2600 and a 1080ti for it, to upgrade it.

@daniel01 Hi Daniel. Definitely prefer AMD over Intel, as they have better performance for a lower price. You do not need expensive threadripper however.
Regarding the GPU take a look at the open data of blender opendata.blender.org/benchmark
GPU is almost always fwouldaster then CPU but mostly way more expensive. I'd recommend buying hardware of the previous generations as it is mostly way cheaper.

@aral @laura Thank you for this inspiring and eye opening session.

@gcrkrause Ja leider wahr. Danke aber für den Tip mit Jamendo. Viele indi Künstlerverbände machen ja genau aus diesen Gründen eigene Labels auf und publizieren nicht mehr auf Spotify.

@gcrkrause Spotifies Business-Model ist dermaßen schlecht für die KünstlerInnen.

Welche Alternativen kennst du, bei denen KünstlerInnen auch ihr Geld sehen? Mir fällt nur bandcamp ein.

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