I've now build half pipe v2. As it's too hot to skate outside, I'll be skating that instead now.

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After my finished kicker ramp I could not resist to build a quarter pipe for the I just got. More to come soon.

Final step: building the adjustable top. Entire thing took around 11h including lots of try and error.

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Second step: building the base. Things turned out a bit more complicated, but we think it will work out.

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My attempt at the
Not very happy with it as the proportions are way of. Had no eraser at hand however.

My Andy Anderson 9.12 flight deck. Still lovin' it. It is also super sturdy. Nothing chiped of yet. Always feels strange when I occasionally ride a smaller deck from my friends. One rail broke of and I had to replace it.

@skateboarding What a board! It's huge, it's deep it's wide and shaped like crazy! Now I need the right trucks and wheels for it. I also like the stickers and the fact that the shop used only recycled paper for packaging.

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Mein neues Weitwinkelobjektiv und "Grindy" die mobile Grindbox machen echt Spaß.

My new deck with wider and bigger wheels and some rails. The grip tape was a present from my friend and I love it. Deck was pressed in .

Well now it's history. RIP skateboard. ⚰️
It lasted almost a year and was really great to ride.

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@mastobikes_de@gup.pe Heute zu transportieren: 2m lange Sperrholzplatten. nimmt alles mit.

Heute: Baumverschnitt im Garten. Das Lastenrad nimmt alles mit. ❤️ 🚲 @mastobikes_de@gup.pe

@plausible Got plausible working using docker on my server and have seen my first visit in real time. Setup was smooth thanks to the good docs. Kudos!

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