@skateboarding What a board! It's huge, it's deep it's wide and shaped like crazy! Now I need the right trucks and wheels for it. I also like the stickers and the fact that the shop used only recycled paper for packaging.

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Mein neues Weitwinkelobjektiv und "Grindy" die mobile Grindbox machen echt Spaß.

My new deck with wider and bigger wheels and some rails. The grip tape was a present from my friend and I love it. Deck was pressed in .

Well now it's history. RIP skateboard. ⚰️
It lasted almost a year and was really great to ride.

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@mastobikes_de@gup.pe Heute zu transportieren: 2m lange Sperrholzplatten. nimmt alles mit.

Heute: Baumverschnitt im Garten. Das Lastenrad nimmt alles mit. ❤️ 🚲 @mastobikes_de@gup.pe

@plausible Got plausible working using docker on my server and have seen my first visit in real time. Setup was smooth thanks to the good docs. Kudos!

@aral Just started to play around with site.js on my ubuntu 18.04 and found out that the icons are displaying only as "[]"


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