@skateboarding What a board! It's huge, it's deep it's wide and shaped like crazy! Now I need the right trucks and wheels for it. I also like the stickers and the fact that the shop used only recycled paper for packaging.

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@skateboarding It's also lighter and thinner then a 8.5" Flip deck I have around.

@skateboarding Today I've taken my andy anderson board for a first ride in a street spot and it is really great. Feels very stable and forgives me mistakes and slight imbalances. Feels like I'm faster at learning things with it. Let's see how it feels in a transition spot next time.

@skateboarding Now I went to our new local skatepark and tested the deck in transition and it really shines. Makes things so much easier and more stable. My friend tried it and was amazed. I'm totaly hooked on it right now.

@der_On @skateboarding

I love that board! Had it been in stock when I went to go replace my deck, it probably would be what I'm riding now.

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