I'm looking for a micro quarter pipe, that is transportable. Either DIY blueprints/tutorials or orderable construction kits. Would be very happy about links and tips.
So far I found Shredbox launcher ramp but I'm explicitely looking for a quarter with a curb. @skateboarding

@der_On The Shredbox looks nice, but seems to be quite expensive (like my links). 479€ for 65cm height is much.The cost of material for a quarterpipe (65cm x 125cm width) is much lower. You get good screen printing plates (Siebdruckplatte) at 25€/sqm & they ride well.

Did you ask the Shredderei whether they know a carpenter who builds quarterpipes? The shredderei.com has an own woodshop, maybe they know.

BTW, here's a construction manual for quarterpipes:

@skateboarding I'm making progress with the 3D-model. I've gone for a smaller 41cm height quarter and a 85cm transition and only 62cm wide. But with two of them combined it can become a 124cm wide quarter pipe or you can place the small quarters facing each other to get a mini ramp. The back part of each can be removed to make it even smaller for transport. Everything is put together with screws and nuts.

@der_On Nice 3D model! I just wonder whether the transition is too mellow and the top (just under the coping) is not steep enough. This might make lip tricks more difficult. With other tricks you might still have too much forward momentum at the top (the angle at the top is more like you have in a kicker / jump ramp).

E.g. the Titus example has more transition and ist steeper at the top: titus.de/blog/news/wie-baue-ic

@skateboarding yes. I had the same impression. I used the same radius as for the 60cm height version. I have to find a smaller radius that works.

@skateboarding As a warm up we are first building a 140x50cm Grind Box that I can transport on my cargo bike. As the radius for the quarter has to change all other measurements have to change accordingly. Will post an update soon.


@skateboarding The Grind Box came to life today. 20cm height, 50cm wide and 140cm long it is a perfect fit for my cargo bike and makes so much fun to shred!

This is the first step towards a mobile DIY skate park.

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@skateboarding This shows my view when driving the last and largest parts for it with the cargo bike.

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