@davidrevoy Great decision! Will dig into the repo and do a test run for german.

@der_On Thank you! give it 2 or 3 days, I'll get a proper README that will avoid many waste of time. 🙂 (Unless you like trial and error process to guess what dependencies is missing) 😅

@davidrevoy Sure. I will try to dockerize it. That will ease things for me and others.

@davidrevoy Now I will try to do the other steps as described in your README to hopefully get a german version of the books. Fingers crossed.

@der_On Finger crossed too! The weak part of the process is probably my PDF post processing exporter. It require all PDF exported from Scribus in the export folder; and then produce many files. But sometime the script has hiccups (not sure if bash script error, or Ghostscript crashing). I surprised myself to run it twice last time to get the file output. Don't hesistate to ask any question. We also have live chat (top page link here: peppercarrot.com/en/static4/co )


@davidrevoy Getting closer. Conversion now worked and cmyk TIFF files got generated. I guess now I will need to translate some text within the scribus files.

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@davidrevoy Well, seems like the font in the speach bubbles is wrong and a lot of text is overflowing it. Back to the download again.

@der_On Nice for the Tiff generation! Ha true, fonts; this repo needs to be installed in the font folder: framagit.org/peppercarrot/font to get all of them. Getting closer! thank you for sharing your progress

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