I just recently deleted my quite popular explanation to how twitters algorithm might work.

The reasons are:

I was not precise enough about the way twitter creates a saliency estimation.

And people used it as a political way of "hey look it's not racist".

@bkastl In my opinion, if an algorithm leads to "racist" or discriminating results, why use it at all? It does not matter if it is trained using biased data or if it is simply "dumb". The results are the same and it us our responsibility as devs to say "no" to such things instead of arguing about the algorithm. Its still us, who write those algorithms.

@der_On I don't know why tech people tend to use really complex solutions for simple problems 🤷‍♀️
Like "letting my users crop the images like they want if they want"


@bkastl exactly. Making things easy for people like "them" and hard for the rest. This problem would open up a can of worms, but basically it all boils down to accessibility instead. Check @laura for more on that.

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