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I am pretty noob and I am still in the process learning... I have question about rendering settings... I have an old but still pretty decent GPU: a Nvidia 970M.

I did several Cycles tests (2560*2560, 128 sample) and I found out that using CUDA GPU+CPU @ 64*64 is 40% faster than rendering with just the GPU @ 256*256... And I am just figuring out why... When I bought my laptop that was the best card available, I bought it with the intention to learn better Blender, but it is just when 2.80 came out that I really started to study Blender seriously.

Now, since I am a #Linux user I am wondering, thinking about rendering speed, if for the future would be better buying a powerful CPU like a Threadripper and a decent AMD GPU rather than buy another Nvidia card.

I mean AMD is always better for Linux but just focus primarily on rendering speed.


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@daniel01 I currently do well with a powerfull laptop (i7 4 core + 1050) work work and a less powerfull desktop just for rendering. Having a dedicated rendering pc even if it's slower already helps a lot. Currently I'm looking into buying an AMD ryzen 5 2600 and a 1080ti for it, to upgrade it.

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I am totally new and when I bought my laptop I didn't consider that Nvidia have limited support on Linux and the nvidia Mesa driver are awfully on delay... Todays only 7xx generation has has reclocking available and decent performance on nouveau.

It is about a matter of time for my card (970M) to ends up on the legacy driver, I could buy an external GPU though...

My point is: I just found that rendering with CUDA CPU+GPU (9 units rendering ) @ 64*64 tiles, is faster than just the one GPU @ 256*256 tiles. Then I just reconsidered that maybe having a super-duper card(s) may not the only viable solution to have faster renderings...

@daniel01 Ubuntu has pretty good NVidia Support using proprietary drivers. the 970 should be supported just fine as it is fairly old. Just don't use debian on a laptop with an NVidia and expect working drivers. Desktop NVidia cards are much better supported on Linux then the mobile cards. The most important part is the number of CUDA cors and VRAM (for EVEE). Anything else is not as important.

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