Dear #Blenderists

I am pretty noob and I am still in the process learning... I have question about rendering settings... I have an old but still pretty decent GPU: a Nvidia 970M.

I did several Cycles tests (2560*2560, 128 sample) and I found out that using CUDA GPU+CPU @ 64*64 is 40% faster than rendering with just the GPU @ 256*256... And I am just figuring out why... When I bought my laptop that was the best card available, I bought it with the intention to learn better Blender, but it is just when 2.80 came out that I really started to study Blender seriously.

Now, since I am a #Linux user I am wondering, thinking about rendering speed, if for the future would be better buying a powerful CPU like a Threadripper and a decent AMD GPU rather than buy another Nvidia card.

I mean AMD is always better for Linux but just focus primarily on rendering speed.


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@daniel01 Hi Daniel. Definitely prefer AMD over Intel, as they have better performance for a lower price. You do not need expensive threadripper however.
Regarding the GPU take a look at the open data of blender
GPU is almost always fwouldaster then CPU but mostly way more expensive. I'd recommend buying hardware of the previous generations as it is mostly way cheaper.

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