So after 5 days of using I can say I'm truly impressed with it's simplicity and fresh approach to email.
However here are my reasons why I won't be using HEY in the near future:

1. It does not expose open protocolls, so I can't read and send hey mails using another app

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2. I'm really in need for custom domains to be able to use it for business. I have multiple business adresses and also a private one I would like to migrate to HEY, but it's currently not possible.

3. It's not working offline. I can't read or draft messages when offline.

4. It has no calendar, so I can't add event invites to my calendar with a single click.

5. It has anti-tracking build in, which thunderbird has too, by blocking anything suspicious until you allow it. This includes images, but I'm fine with that trade off.

5. The price tag with the "lacking" features is to high for me. It might be okay for 100GB of storage, but I do not require that over the other features mentioned above.

Right now I'm trying to recreate some of its core features with the possibliites I have outside of HEY.

HEY is still a great product and I can really recommend it, especially to those beeing stuck with GMAIL. (*shaking*)

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