Finally got the motivation to reflash my phone with the latest lineageOS including microG. A good helper was OAndBackupX. Can only recommend this.

just discovered penpot got an alpha release and tested it. My first thought was to import an existing SVG for further editing, but wasn't able to find this feature. Is it planned? As penpot is based on SVG I thouhgt it should be there. Other then that, it looks very promising. kudos

@aral Yesterday I just re-evaluated grapesjs a -code that works entirely on the client. It matured a lot and I could think of something like that beeing part of the -web. It has a powerful plugin system and is very customizable.

@aral I think you've been looking for a gitlab alternative. This might be of interest, once it matures:

Tyrannosauraus Rex model, textures and animation by ( under CC-BY-NC-4.0 (
Sounds from theguitarmanjp, metrostock99 and qubodup at under CC-by-3.0 (

Created with Blender (

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@pixelfed After a recent update, my pixelfeld instance is finally getting posts of people I follow again! It was broken for a long time, as I changed domains and I wasn't able to update due to some composer foo. Thanks @dansup !

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